Rehearsal and concert (extraits): video 1 video2

The Grand Can(y)on - Michelle Agnes Magalhaes


Revolutions for piano et loop machine - Michelle Agnes Magalhaes

Visual Intelligence Exposition - Harvard University

Before you thought of spring - Michelle Agnes Magalhaes

Before you thought of spring - Herbarium

 for exciters and mini speakers inside piano, recorded piece based on historical pianos recordings 


 a performance-installation for violin and electronics with Solrey (Dominique Lemmonier) and Lorenzo Targhetta

Biennale di Venezia, Pavillon Français, Studio Venezia by Xavier Veilhan

Chamber  Music 

Herbarium:  score  listen

Lorca Fragments: score  listen

Orchestral  Music 

Sixxen concerto: score  listen 

concerto for six percussionists and orchestra

Grupo Impact(o), Goiás Philharmonic, (dir.) Neil Thonson, December 8th, 2017, Brazil













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Video presentation

Lecture and Concert with Talea Ensemble: Herbarium, a composer's diary

Radcliffe Institute of advanced Studies Harvard University, Abril 18th, 2018


Multimedia works and collaborations

selected works