1. Trajectory (selected works)

Mobile for prepared piano, 2012

Mobile - Michelle Agnes Magalhaes

Revolutions for piano and loop machine, 2018

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Revolutions for piano et loop machine - Michelle Agnes Magalhaes

Herbarium (Chamber music cycle for piano, double bass and percussion) , 2017-2018

dedicated and premiered by Talea Ensemble, NY, March 2018, commissioned by Radcliffe Institute of Advanced Studies, Harvard University

I. Before you thought of spring (introduction)

 for exciters and mini speakers inside piano, electronic piece based on historical pianos recordings 

II. In my volcano grows the grass

for prepared piano

IV. Of all this sounds despatched abroad

for two musicians inside piano and percussion

Lorca Fragments (for flute, clarinet, viola, cello and harp), 2016

Commissioned by Radio France, Alla Breve

Premiered by Ensemble l'Itinéraire

After Spring, concerto for sixxen (six percussionists) and orchestra, 2017

Commissioned and Premiered by Goias Philharmonic Orchestra, Brazil

Dir. Neil Thomson

2nd Movement

The Grand Can(y)on for 19 woodwind and brass instruments and audioweb coMo-elements devices

 (ISMM, IRCAM), with the collaboration of Frédéric Bevilacqua

Rehearsal and concert (extraits)

In Progress

Musical Games (Dyslexia re-education based on Béatrice Sauvageot method and prosody)

audio mockup (Béatrice Sauvageot - voice + Beasty - beatboxer + Michelle Agnes - piano = dysorchestre)

la musique est partout - dysorchestre
circonvenir l'aurore - dysorchestre
chaos - dysorchestre
rêves - dysorchestre
medit-action - Béatrice Sauvageot
circonvenir l'aurore 2 - dysorchestre

Bow movement sonification with elements coMo audio-web devices for double-bass (in progress)

La chambre double (second version)

Premiere: Florentin Ginot concert

Festival Archipel, Genève, 4th April 2019

Capture d’écran 2018-12-13 à 00.22.06.pn

Based on fencing movements, bass player and double basses confronted in the fight of virtuosity.

The bow becomes a sword by means of the sonification with webdevices.

With the collaboration of Frédéric Bevilacqua.

Bow movement sonification with elements coMo audio-web devices for cello (in progress)


Premiere (complete piece): Lola Malique solo concert

Basilique de Saint-Denis, 3th May 2019

First part (acoustic: musical writing integrating hand gestures, instrumental gestures and voice) - fragment

Piece inspired by Abdellatif Laâbi poetry.

Sound migrates

from wood to string

from string to breath

from breath to bow

from bow to voice

incantatory movement of the hands

cellist as storytelling


Second part (bow movement sonification) - in progress